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Invasive Species List of California

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This site contains a list of species which are a potential threat to California.  For select species, scorecards have been developed by experts which rate the impacts of the species on various facets of society and measure our ability to respond to the nature of the invasive threat.

Latest Scorecard Updates

Scorecard Confidence Impact Score Ability to Respond Score Species Last Updated
Acalymma vittatum Scorecard High 11 / 35 18 / 25 Acalymma vittatum
striped cucumber beetle
3 months ago
Tomato leafminer (Phthorimaea absoluta). Marja van der Straten, NVWA Plant Protection Service, Phthorimaea absoluta Scorecard High 18 / 35 20 / 25 Phthorimaea absoluta
Tomato leafminer
10 months ago
Agrilus planipennis Scorecard High 21 / 35 15 / 25 Agrilus planipennis
emerald ashborer
10 months ago
Spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula). Lawrence Barringer, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Lycorma delicatula Scorecard High 22 / 35 19 / 25 Lycorma delicatula
Spotted lanternfly
10 months ago
Xenopus laevis Scorecard Medium 17 / 35 14 / 25 Xenopus laevis
African clawed frog
11 months ago

Project Overview

The Invasive Species Council of California (ISCC) has tasked its advisory committee with developing a list of invasive species that threaten the state. The committee has generated a list of over 1,700 species, and has drafted scorecards for 200+ of the most important species. The list will support outreach and strategic planning; it is not regulatory.

This website is designed to solicit expert comment on the list and scorecards. Expert review is essential to making the list and scorecards accurate. We encourage you to send us a comment on taxa within your area of expertise, and if you are interested, you can become a regular contributor.  Please invite your colleagues to do the same. You can review our list of species to see if we left anything out, and review scorecards for individual species to see how they were rated.

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